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Through Balancing Act Design, Joe Graham offers a direct, personal service as well as over 30 years of creative design experience (some would say well over).

"Ideas are at the forefront of any good design. The ability to continually find new ideas is a key strength in building strong, trusting relationships. Beyond ideas, the ability to listen is a vital tool. Listen to what the client wants; understand what the client wants; then deliver what they never knew they wanted."

It’s not the thought that counts…
…it’s the quality of thought.

Wait a minute…
I’ve got a great idea!

We search for it. We dream of it. We hope it will fall from a tree and hit us on the head.

But we don’t know what the next great idea is yet. What makes an idea work is the problem the idea is created to solve.
What a great idea the world wide web was. Without it we might never have known that kittens can master Jenga.

There is no box of ready made ideas to dip into. The trick is to listen and allow great ideas to grow from there.

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